Development and Integration of MVDDS/MITRIS, MMDS, UWMS, CaTV systems, IPTV, Headend design, development and manufacture of Microwave equipment and radio-relay Systems (RRS). The management, accounting, engineering department.

«ROKS» company was found in 1994. During the period of its existence the company «ROKS» has evolved into a dynamic commercial and industrial enterprise, pays great attention to scientific researches that help to be at the technological forefront.

The Join Stock Company «ROKS» is a trade-production enterprise, that pays great attention to scientific research in the field of development and manufacture of telecommunication equipment, multi-functional microwave devices and units. Our company is possess by advanced technologies, hi-tack scientific potential and qualified specialists .

The «ROKS» Company activities:

- development and manufacture of microwave units for different equipment;

- designing, fabrication, starting-up and adjustment of MITRIS base stations, radio relay links and stations;

- design, deliver, mounting, starting-up and adjustment of Sat TV systems, which have different configurations and complexity degrees;

- design, deliver, mounting, starting-up and adjustment of burglar alarm and video surveillance;

- distributor of the «Televes» Company in Ukraine.

Geography of our work

Our equipment operates in many countries: Russian Federation, Iraq, Livan, Sierra Leone, Spain, Tadjikistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kirghizia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Kuwait, Moldavia, Latvia and Ukraine of cause. Our clients in these countries are: The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, SRI «Spectehnika«, National Radio Company of Ukraine, ICC «Artek», LLC «Gravis»(«City»), «MITRIS Ukraine,« TCB «Ukrainian Television Union”, LLC «TRC «Ukraine», LLC TRC «Studio 1 +1», The Institute of Electronics and Communication UAN NP, KNEU, «5 th channel» Kazakhstan, TRС «Osh TV» Kyrgyzstan, TRC «ASA TV», TRC «Trialeti», «Lomsiya TV«, «Macromedia XXI» Georgia, «STV-7»Ltd Georgia, a holding company «Baikal TV» Russia, The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Torresatelit TV S.A. and other companies.

Starting with the market development of subscriber receivers of satellite television and were fixed on it, the company constantly expanding its manufacturing and research interests, covering related industries. First of all, this applies to the terrestrial television broadcasting systems, such as MMDS and MITRIS (without ignoring the other systems, for example, cable TV and LMDS). With these systems, we went all the way to the evolution of systems multichannel analog TV broadcasting to interactive multimedia systems.

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